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Rezolve offers a complete, simple and effective solution for the sale and management of tickets for various events related to entertainment. Thanks to our technology we are able to manage the entire ticketing process, that is, our company will take care of everything from the necessary configuration of the events to the validation of the entrance of the venues. All the steps you need will be provided by Rezolve, our customers will always have a technical specialist to help them to manage their ticket sales.

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These are some example portals that we have incorporated into the site webs of great teams in LaLiga.

Ticketing Portal

The main function of this portal is the sale of tickets to the general public. It has a connection to the AVET's API of the LaLiga and integrates the payment gateway used by each club.

Subscriber register Portal

With this portal, users will be able to register as members of each club, to later access the exclusive portal that subscribers have. It has a connection to the AVET's API and
it will integrate the payment gateway used by each club.

Subscriber Managment

The main theme of this portal is to provide an exclusive environment for subscribers. To validate users and confirm that they are partners, they will have to make a login.
realizar un login.

Custom Tickets

Specific tickets can always be created for all sporting events of the clubs. The tickets's structure will always follow the requirements requested by La Liga but adapting to the characteristics that our clients need.

Supporter Register Portal

In order to register future supporters, this portal has a connection to the AVET's API and will integrate the payment gateway used by each club.


Match List Portal

In this portal the subscribers will have a list of all the matches of one season. It will be so useful to be able to have at hand at any time, which are the games they have attended,..

Our Team

Our work is based on 3 pillars: innovation, clarity and simplicity.

Adolfo Herrera

Adolfo Herrera


Project Manager Rezolve

Daniel Ruiz

Project Manager

Magda Márquez 


Elena García

Software Developer

Adolfo Herrera

Hernan Bonavota

Software Developer

Software Developer

Antonio Javier Maya

Software Developer

 Software Developer

Javier Navarro

Software Developer

Reference Clubs

These are the teams that are being provided with services of Rezolve Technology:

CD Leganés 

Huesca SD

AD Alcorcón

SD Eibar

CD Numancia

Almería FC

Real Sporting de Gijón

UD Ibiza

El Pozo Murcia

Not just sporting events

It is true that football teams of LaLiga are our main clients, but we also have and can manage other types of events and shows.
Always adapting us to the needs of our clients so that they can offer a better service to their customers. 






This company allows users to interact instantly with the world around them thanks to their mobile devices. Using their camera, microphone, location, Bluetooth, etc., users will be able to: discover and to purchase goods and services, pay a bill, make a charitable donation, provide personal data in response to advertising, all with a simple scan and a touch.

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